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man drinks coffee.
Man touching belly of pregnant girlfriend
Man and woman walking at sunset
Man removing sunglasses on sunlounger
Man running on a treadmill
Man wearing overall and holding a blank board
man listening  music
Man jumping with a skipping rope
Man showing up beside a board
Man watering his plants
Man eating cereal then wife is hugging him
Man doing push ups
Man doing push ups and clapping
Man looking at hanging basket and smelling flowers
Man in Love
Man getting exited because of his defective laptop
Man doing his accounts
Man and woman only people left in poker game and woman winning
Man showing tablet pc to wife sitting on counter
Man doing push-ups while looking at his hands
Man smoking a cigar wins at roulette
Man reporting business news
Man preparing vegetables for pregnant wife
Man drinking a coffee while reading the news
Man holding headphones to pregant wifes belly
Man standing at the garden
Man looking at his amazing poker hand and betting his house
Man working at a greenhouse holding a tablet pc
Man in sunglasses winning at blackjack
Man doing accounts
Man using his laptop placed on the armrest
man at a bridge
Man is happy with the cards he is dealt
Man showing woman something on laptop
Man working at his garden
Man using a payment card online
Man chatting on his laptop
Man massaging the back of a woman
Man is smelling flowers in hanging basket
Man reporting about nature and the outdoors
Man in suit using a headset
Man having on-call duty
Man working at the greenhouse
Man and woman standing in front of a flower shelf
Man and child buying flowers
Man repairing lights
Man pouring white wine into a glass
Man having a conversation with a headset
Man laughing on the phone
Man pouring red and white wine into two glasses

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