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Businesswoman seriously talking on the phone with executives beh
Blonder Junge mit hellblauen Shirt und ernster Miene
Mädchen mit dunkelblonden langen Haaren
Junges Mädchen blickt ernst zur Seite
Mature and serious manager standing upright and followed by two
Mature manager crossing his arms seriously in front of two membe
Three serious business people crossing their arms in a well-lit
Serious and mature manager standing upright in front of his team
Young secretary standing upright next to her director
Two serious business people standing in a bright room
Serious executive woman standing upright in front of her busines
Serious business team looking at the camera while standing in fr
Serious mature manager standing in front of his two executives
Young secretary standing in front of colleagues while sending a
Serious manager crossing his arms in front of his business team
Two serious executives crossing their arms and led by their matu
Young serious manager using his cell phone to send a text
Young serious executive following his business team
Young and serious businessman following two members of his team
European appearance teenager boy in a business suit shows a sign
In all seriousness
Zwei junge blonde Frauen
Kerze halten
Young woman raising her fists showing her strength
Drei junge Frauen
Teenager wondering why her friend is upset
Teenager blaming her friend who is claiming her innocence
Young serious woman holding a megaphone behind her
blonde woman covering her mouth with her hand
Young serious woman calling with her mobile phone while sitting
Young businesswoman standing upright with her mature director
Serious woman talking on the phone with her hand on her forehead
Young serious woman talking on the phone while leaning against a
Young businesswoman accompanied by her manager and one colleague
Young manager talking on the phone very seriously while his team
Serious businessman crossing his arms while his team is in the b
Serious businessman using a cell phone while his team is behind
Young man placing his finger on his chin while sitting in a park
Young serious woman looking away while calling with her cellphon
Serious blonde woman holding her cellphone
Serious young girl reading a book while sitting in a park
Young girl sending a text while sitting on the grass
Composite image of businessman in shirt writing with a marker
Serious man wearing spectacles
Composite image of businessman writing with pen on white backgro
globale Geschäfte
Silhouetten von Geschäftsleuten
Drei Frauen sitzen im Morgenmantel und Pyjama auf dem Sofa und trinken Sekt
globale Geschäfte
Motivation Slogan zum Erfolg
Wegweiser zum Erfolg
globale Geschäfte
Ortsausgang zur Motivation
Wegweiser Finanzkrise Schulden Sicherheit
globale Geschäfte
globale Geschäfte
Frau im Büro
Motivation Slogan Business

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