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Canada Goose landing on pond in big splash
Frozen car windshield and wipers and hood.
Horizon and rocky coastline with waves splashing under cloudy sk
Pebble and stone beach with incoming wave
Red freight train box cars in perspective
Steel cable pulleys
Waves breaking on lake with Toronto skyline on distant horizon
Clear shallow water flowing and splashing on bare rocks
Path into forest covered by autumn leaves
Weight with hook and chain hanging from crane on blue sky
Flowing and splashing river water
Seven cormorants in formation on white sky
Canada Goose eating piece of red watermelon
Stream flowing and splashing among bare rocky landscape
Waves breaking on lake with Toronto skyline in distance
Six stacked yellow hay bales on overcast sky
Top of metal ship mast with Canadian flag on blue sky
Fog low over wavy water under blue sky
Highway winding and receding into white hazy distance
Old rural wood fence in overgrown bushes
Dirty metal barbecue grill with ashes.
Cracked weathered wood deck boards
Macro of brown eggs in gray egg carton
Freight train tanker cars in perspective
Low fog between trees and distant mountain range
Close-up of power line insulators on sky
Metal corner bracket on concrete wall
Close-up of yellow stacked hay bales
Electrical tower on blue sky with many power lines
Rope tied on cleat casting shadow on white mast
Rocky dry yellow cliff ridge with eroded channels
Green forest against distant buildings
Foggy low clouds over dark coast and illuminated water
Small wood piece with hole drifting in water
Rocky gravel path leading to mountain under clouds and sky
Large steep cliffs and plateau forming fjord under overcast sky
Rocky coastline with waves splashing under overcast sky
Toronto city skyline across water and fog
Dry field of corn stalks on dark cloudy sky
Large steep cliffs and plateau under overcast sky and fog
Waves breaking on lake with ducks floating nearby and city in di
Cut rhubarb cake sprinkled with powdered sugar
Dead raccoon corpse lying on back on wet beach
Sailboat and power boat on reflective water
Chunk of ice illuminated in shallow river
Pile of stacked cut logs on grass
Sailboat on water against hazy shoreline
Dirty brown streaks down gray surface
Stream flowing and splashing among bare red rocks
Large driftwood log at shallow rocky shore

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