1968 Sounds about "audio replacement fx" at ClipDealer

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Space Vehicle Launch #3
Woman Experiencing Pleasure #1
Chinese Gong #4
Launch Pinball
Woman Scream #1
Woman-Crying #1
Tennis Ball Being Hit
Truck-Start, Run
Frying Pan
Monster Purr
Subway Train 2
Tennis Racket Swish
Radar #2
Pouring A Glass Of Sodapop
Cherokee War Dance Drum Beat
Ambubag Respiratory
Long Trill
Cable Car-San Francisco, Passing Slow
Pack Of Dogs
Rocket Launcher-Extension Of Gun
Machine Gun 4
Glass-Liqueur Bottle, Cork Opened
Birds-Tropical, Forest Background
Car Start And Idle
Doctor's Office, Patient's Sneezing
Coast Guard #4
Model A Grind Gears And Pull-Away
Asian Tympani
Department Store
Clock Chimming
Tap Dance Steps #4
Man And Woman-Screaming #3
Whistle (Long)
Comic Effect 2
Horse Walking In Water
Tennis Ball Hit To Ground #1
Female Singing The Octave
1920S Phone Dialing With Busy Signal
Cartoon Sound Effects - Bongs 1
Cartoon Sound Effects - Grumble
Car-Buckling Up Seat Belt (Short)
Fog Horn #3
Jet Fly-By
Steam Train Crash
Cartoon Sound Effects - Spit
Church Bell Tolling
Organ Charge, Crowding Cheering
Harp #2
Dog Crying In Pain
Touchtone Phone
Coast Guard #5
Beach 3
Start Army Jeep, Dies
Comical Sound Series - Boings, Arrow

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