1968 Sounds about "audio replacement fx" at ClipDealer

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Tree Falling
Air Compressor
Water-Tea Poured Into A Cup
Space Fusion Ray
Man-Coughing #2
Radio, Shortwave Frequency
Soldiers Marching
Pig Squealing
Space Launch 1
Radio, Shortwave Static
Photon 1
Rebounding Fusion Shots
Dunebuggy Trying To Start #1
Radio, Shortwave Static (Short)
Photon Shot
Space Lazer
Porch Swing Squeaks
Air Being Released From Balloon
Bmw Braking Hard 1
Wagon, Horse Drawn
Bus Horn
Safety Bar Dropping 1
Safety Bar Dropping 2
Bmw Braking Hard 2
Cartoon Sound Effects - Plop 2
Mountain Waterfall
Bongos #1
Nautical 034
Shuffleboard Disk, Slow Throw
Nature In The Everglades
Glass Plate Breaking
Pinball Points Being Tallied
Shuffleboard Disk, Slow Throw With Hit #2
Single Church Bell Chime
Paddle Ball-Hit
Nighttime Cricket Song
Horn Blast (Ext.) #2
Party Noisemakers
Bang, Bell & Fall
Hinged Stall Door Opening 2
Outboard Boat Motor
Glass-Liqueur Bottle, Opensqueak
Medicine Cabinet, Slide-Open & Close
Porch Swing Squeaks (Short)
Ocean Liner Whistle #3
Ocean Liner Whistle #4
Cartoon Sound Effects - Bong 2

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